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6 Herbal Natural Remedies For Pre-Diabetics

Whilst the best approach to healing the condition of pre-diabetes is through diet and exercise, there are natural remedies for pre-diabetics that will help regulate your blood sugar levels.

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These herbs help in several ways: 

  • they can increase the amount of nutrition you get each day
  • help lower your appetite
  • assist with the natural process whereby the body removes toxins and metabolic by-products
  • assist with the removal of bacteria and excess blood sugars from your system


Alfalfa And Parsley

These nutritious natural remedies are very high in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and a range of other vitamins and minerals. Green alfalfa supplements, which are not created from the sprouts, but from the deep rooting plant, help your body use the vitamins it gets from other plant based herbs and foods.

Parsley has more iron than any other green vegetable, and 3 times the amount of vitamin C that citrus fruits have. Thus, it provides a great boost for your immune system if you feel like you're getting a cold.

Parsley is also a natural diuretic, and being high in potassium, it doesn't have the problems that a lot of the synthetic diuretics do. Herbal diuretics can support the detoxifying processes of the urinary system. This herb is excellent for kidney and bladder problems, although nursing mothers should not use it as it can dry up milk production.


remedies for diabetics and pre diabeticsKelp can be an important natural remedy for pre-diabetics who need to lose weight. It is naturally high in iodine, which helps regulate your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is the body's center that controls metabolism and helps regulate energy levels. When it's not working properly, you might feel sluggish and easily tired. Taking kelp may well help with those problems. It's also great for skin and hair.


Chickweed is another of the weight loss natural remedies for pre-diabetics. It helps curb your appetite, and makes you feel like you've eaten a meal recently. This can help with excess food intake, and could be really useful if you're restricting calories on a diet, making you less likely to snack and go 'off the wagon'.

Chickweed is also high in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.


Garlic is a great natural remedy for pre-diabetics in that it helps regulate blood sugar levels, as well as benefiting your cholesterol profile. In addition, fresh garlic is a great immune booster. As well as being active against fungus and bacteria, it can also kill parasites almost anywhere in your body. Thus it can really support your colon and liver.


Golden Seal is a natural source of insulin, so it can be quite useful for lowering your blood sugar levels. Golden seal is also a powerful natural antibiotic which will kill various types of infections and harmful bacteria in your body.