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Can coq10 cause strokes?

Can coq10 cause strokes? Actually, coenzyme q10 can actually help in the recovery from strokes.

And some animal studies suggest that it may actually help prevent strokes. The studies cited here, on coq10 and stroke prevention were on 3 animal models, and found not only that coenzyme q10 was the only thing providing complete protection, but that it was twice as effective as the next best agent (which was naloxone).

This same article then goes on to describe instances in which people taking coq10 had head injuries and coma, and strokes. And the interesting thing is that these people recovered much better than what their experienced doctors had suggested they would. So it would seem that anecdotaly at least, coq10 can help in the recovery from strokes.

Coenzyme q10 is found naturally in the body, and is involved in the processes of cellular energy production. It also serves as an antioxidant. For an excellent article on coq10 benefits and supplement uses, see this page.

If you are taking drugs like warfarin (blood thinners) you should see your doctor first as coq10 may reduce its effectiveness. Also, some people have reported that the effects of blood pressure medications like diltiazem, metoprolol, enalapril, and nitrate may actually be increased, so you should also consult your doctor first as the doage may need to be adjusted. For more information on coenzyme q10 and drug interactions, see the above link.

But to summarise, can coq10 cause strokes? There is no evidence to suggest so.


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