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Benefits of Dr Atkins Diet

The benefits of Dr Atkins Diet are discussed below. These should be considered against the disadvantages of the Atkins diet if you are thinking of trying it.

But the Atkins diet benefits are somewhat universal principles that can be incorporated into our lives without going to the dangerous, self depriving extremes of the Atkins diet.

  • dr atkins (nee Adkins) diet encourages you to stop consuming junk food and processed food

  • dr atkins diet encourages you to eat nutrient rich carbohydrates that your grandmother would have been happy to see you eat more of - like leafy green vegetables, plus other vegetables and some fruit

  • dr atkins diet encourages you to supplement with essential fatty acids, or to consume essential fatty acids as part of your diet. Essential fatty acids are an important part of every cell in your body. For more on essential fatty acids, click here.

  • dr atkins diet discusses the glycemic index of foods, and relates the importance of knowing how sensitive you are to carbohydrates. This is important in terms of blood sugar levels and blood sugar conditions.

  • dr atkins diet encourages you to get to know your own body. We are all individuals, and our metabolic and digestive processes reflect this. Its very important to get to know how you react to certain foods and thus you can tailor a diet to suit you - your lifestyle, your genetics, and your metabolic needs.

  • dr atkins diet encourages you to think of it as a way of life as opposed to just a diet. Whilst I wouldn't recommend thinking of dr atkins diet specifically that way, as long term the results might be serious. But many people go on a diet only to put on the weight when they go back to their former eating patterns. If you can manage to make the right adjustments to your eating habits, and make it a way of life (one not based on too much deprivation), then you're ahead of the game.

  • dr atkins diet recognises that a high carbohydrate diet is not good for you and will make you fat. The zone diet discusses this in detail. Dr atkins diet takes it too far though, and does not strive for balance within the body.

These principles can be used by anyone for benefit.

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