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High Blood Pressure Herbs

- Recommendations To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

The main high blood pressure herbs that lower blood pressure are hawthorn, garlic, ginkgo biloba and mistletoe.

It is also important to address the causative factors involved in high blood pressure - whether its essential hypertension (where there is no known cause), or high blood pressure associated with kidney and endocrine problems. If there are kidney and endocrine problems, other herbs can be supplemented with the treatment.

In conjunction with high blood pressure herbs and traditional medicatons, the diet should be addressed. Other things that are helpful in treatment include meditation (an excellent one is here), walking, tai chi or stretching.

Hawthorn can help limit the deposit of cholesterol on the walls of arteries. Hawthorn has multiple effects on the heart and circulation, including an increase in the force of contraction of the heart and its output. It also causes vasodilation. This lowers blood pressure.

An extract made from the whole of the plant is useful for lowering blood pressure. The active constituents contributing to this action are flavanoids, OPC's (oligomeric procyanidins), and crateugus acids.

Whole extracts of the berries have been successfully demonstrated in clinical trials to lower blood pressure, whether its resulting from atherosclerosis, renal or essential hypertension.

Hawthorn is very safe, however, if someone is taking cardiac glycoside drugs like digitalis, then hawthorn should only be taken in consultation with the prescribing doctor. The reason is that hawthorn makes the digitalis and other cardiac glycoside drugs more effective, which means that the dosage would potentially need to be reduced.

find high blood pressure herbs2 months is the minimum time needed for treatment.

Garlic reduces blood pressure within 2 - 3 hours of taking it.

If you want to take garlic in food form, eat it raw. If you cook it, you lose a lot of the medicinal effect. Garlic supplements are fine.

Ginkgo is a vasodilator, and so is useful in lowering blood pressure.

Whilst mistletoe will not lower the blood pressure significantly if it is very high, it still gives good relief from hypertension, particularly if the cases are slight to moderate.

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