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A Better Alternative To Minimizing Scar Tissue Than Vitamin E

If you're interested in minimizing scar tissue vitamin e, there may be better natural alternatives. A lot of natural based approaches recommend applying vitamin e to scars, but there is not a lot of scientific evidence to back up the claim.

This is what wikipedia had to say on the subject:

"Other research, however, suggests that applying Vitamin E to post surgical scars does not reduce the size, shape, or color of scars and can, in up to one third of patients, result in contact dermatitis, allergic reactions, or other irritation that can worsen a scar's appearance. (Source: Baumann, Dermatologic Surgery, 1999. Also: [1])"

Thats not to say vitamin e applied to scars may not have any benefit - given that it is so widely recommended, it must have helped some people minimise the appearanc eof scars. However, it is certainly not the best natural option on the market.

Manuka honey has been widely studied in New Zealand, and is even used in some hospitals as it is effective against golden staph. It is also excellent at promoting wound healing, and is particularly good against fresh scars and after surgery. It can be applied to open wounds without fear of irritation or infection. In fact, aside from providing the nutrients the skin's tissue needs to heal rapidly, it protects against infection and helps reduce inflammation. I have seen manuka honey in action and it is truly amazing - and effective.

My mother kept getting infected with golden staph, and she applied 18 UMF active manuka honey to the wounds, and not only did they start healing, but she did not scar. And they were serious, very purply infections. I have seen people lost parts of their finger from golden staph infections.

If you're interested in learning more about the studies done on manuka honey, try this link. I would definitely recommend it for dealing with scar tissue than trying minimizing scar tissue with vitamin e.


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