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MSM Benefit for Diabetes

There is msm benefit for a wide range of conditions.

These include arthritis, muscle and joint problems, allergies, asthma, constipation, fibromyalgia, breast and colon cancer, acne, gastrointestinal problems, lupus, insect bites and sunburn, and parasites.

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This article focuses on the benefit of msm for diabetes.

MSM is a form of dietary sulfur. Sulfur has many uses in the body, but in relation to diabetes, sulfur is part of insulin. And insulin is of course, intimately associated with blood sugar metabolism. Sulfur is also associated with the B vitamin, biotin. Biotin is involved with an enzyme used in the utilisation of glucose (glucokinase).

Low levels of sulfur in the diet can result in low production of insulin. Conversely, a diet high in organic sulfur, like msm, might help the body produce enough insulin of its own that it doesn't need injections. Thats a very useful msm benefit for the diabetic.

A related benefit of msm can be seen with msm dosages at around 2000mg/day. This can lead to cells becoming more permeable. This in turn leads to a greater absorption of blood sugars through the cell wall. The overall effect of this msm benefit would be a normalising of blood sugar levels.

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